About Library

    Our college has Bhanabhai Jasmatbhai Patel Library. The library has all books on varied subjects in English, Hindi & Gujarati. The library subscribes all leading daily newspaper like Indian express, Times of India, Indian Economics & all Gujarati Newspaper. in addition library subcribes popular magazines.

  • A student will be issued only two books
  • No book will be issued unless the book issued earlier has not been returned on the day before a new book is to be issued.
  • Students should keep the library card carefully.
  • A student has to return the book within fourteen (14) days of issue failing which he has to pay the fine of Rs. 5/- per day.

  • No student will be allowed entry into the library or reading room without I - Card.
  • Complete silence is to be maintained in the library. Those failing to maintained silence will be punished.
  • Any student who tears or tries to tear the pages of the news papers or magazines or particulars will be fined and will not get entry into the library.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed in library.

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